Why More Younger Men Like Cougar Dating Best Of All

There’s a growing number of younger men out there that are into dating cougars. There’s an appeal that men see quickly. Want to know what it is? Read on!

Today’s cougars aren’t passive anymore. They are in demand thanks to TV shows like “Sex And The City” and “Cougar Town.” Any woman who is over 40 and is single is considered a cougar. They like to date men who are much younger than themselves, 10 to 15 years younger or more. Often these younger men are looking for someone who is mature and brings something real to the relationship. Younger men that seek a cougar to date are looking online for something that is not complicated and drama-filled. Typically these men want to have fun, don’t want someone else’s baggage to weigh them down, and want to have great sex too!

Why Cubs Are Into Cougar Dating

The question here is what is the appeal of an older woman to younger men? According to the cubs (younger men who date older women) that I have met through online dating, there are a few things that they particularly like in an older woman.

Reason #1 – Mature Women Have Experience

Older women have more experience in life. This usually means they make better decisions. It’s less likely for them to start a fight in the middle of a crowded bar, and get so drunk that they make a fool of themselves in front of all of their boy toy’s friends, etc.

Reason #2 – Mature Women Are Supportive

They are better at being supportive. A cougar is good at listening and giving appropriate advice. She can help her guy through tough times with a career or family problem.

Reason #3 – Mature Women Are Healthy

Cougars take care of their health. She is more likely to go to the gym on a regular basis and eat well. She cares about her body and what she looks like. It is likely that a cougar isn’t into binge drinking, partying all the time or smoking anymore. A cougar goes to the gym and eats well to be sure that she always looks good; she wants to snag younger guys and to do that she needs to work at it. Nothing wrong with that! It shows that she respects herself and that is attractive.

Reason #4 – Mature Women Are Comfortable

They are less self-conscious. That means they are comfortable in their own skin and, in turn, sex is far more fun! Not having to worry about turning out the lights or covering up her imperfections is a huge turn on for any guy. The more confidence that you exude in bed, the more fun your guy is going to make sure you have.

<h2>Reason #5 – Mature Women Are Confident

They are confident enough to talk about what it is that they like in bed. Everyone loves to please their partners in bed; we are wired to do just that. It helps us to feel satisfied ourselves. When a cougar shares what she likes, it makes it easier to be sure that you are keeping her happy. When you satisfy your partner, you win too!

These are all valid points that I’ve collected from guys that I’ve dated in the past. It’s a fact that older women are looking for younger men to date, so get into it. It’s clear to me that the cougar dating trend is here to stay and is gaining more and more acceptance each day and what better way to find someone than online.