5 Things You’ve Got Wrong About Dating Cougars Today

What You Really Need To Know About Online Cougar Dating

There are all kinds of myths about online cougar dating out there. Have a look these myths and the facts so you can get all the information that you need.

The Urban Dictionary states that dating cougars is becoming popular and accepted in today’s society. Online cougar dating is easier than it has ever been. You meet cougars online who are interested in dating younger men. For years there has been a stigma around this, which is quickly disappearing. A cougar is usually attracted to a younger man for his looks and ability to make her feel much younger than she actually is. And these younger men are often attracted to the fact that cougars are well established, experienced, and have it together. To be sure that you understand what it is that you are getting yourself into, check this out: How You Can Date The Cougar Of Your Dreams Starting Now!

Cougar Dating Myth #1: Difficult Friends

It may be difficult to fit into each other’s social circle of friends.

Cougar Dating Fact: Be Prepared

Sure you may be the brunt of a few age jokes amongst your friends. You’ll hear it all. People will say things like, “I see you brought your son with you tonight,” or, “You must get off cheap on dates since yours gets a senior’s discount.” You are going to hear things like this in any relationship that doesn’t fit the “norm.” You will have those that support you and those that don’t. You need to be prepared for that.

Cougar Dating Myth #2: Old & Ugly

A Cougar will get old and become ugly and unattractive.

Cougar Dating Fact: Cougars Take Care Of Themselves

Cougars like to keep fit and they take care of themselves. Often they look younger than they actually are. It is likely that the younger man is in the relationship for her personality and her looks. Everyone ages, so it really doesn’t matter what kind of relationship you are in. Remember, these women have time to spend on the way they look. Typically, they are very well put together.

Cougar Dating Myth #3: It Won’t Last

A relationship with an older woman won’t last.

Cougar Dating Fact: Simply Not True

This simply isn’t true and has been proven to be incorrect countless times. These relationships are built stronger each day by what it is that the couple has had to endure together. It is not based on age at all but rather on love.

Cougar Dating Myth #4: The Cougar Is The Aggressor

It is always the cougar that is hunting for the younger man.

Cougar Dating Fact: Guys Pursue Older Women

Guys are often the one to pursue an older woman. The younger man is usually attracted to the confidence that a cougar exudes. Younger men are easily drawn to this powerful, self-assured woman.

Cougar Dating Myth #5: Nothing In Common

It will be fun for a short time, not a long time because the cougar and younger man will have nothing in common. They will like different things. He probably won’t be able to keep up a conversation with her.

Cougar Dating Fact: Be Open To New Things

When you start dating anyone new, it is a challenge as you both come into the relationship with different likes and dislikes. But being open-minded, willing to learn something new and try new things out is what will make the relationship a success.