Dating a Cougar Online – Complete A Successful Hunt

Looking For A Mature Woman Who Is Ready To Pounce?

Have a look at these simple rules that you must follow to find that perfect mature woman on a cougar dating site who is waiting for you so she can pounce. Older women today are often looking for something different to try out and they are looking for a Cub who can give them what it is that they need and want. Many women are turning to online dating as an option. Cougars are a special breed of women who know how to get what they are looking for. So, if you want a mature woman who is ready to pounce, keep reading.

As an older woman who is looking for some excitement, fun and spontaneity in my life, I’ve quickly learned a few things about online dating and dating in general. Here are have some helpful tips to those cubs out there looking to date a Cougar. Following these suggestions is a sure-fire way to find a Cougar who is ready to pounce!

Here are some things that you should keep in mind when you are looking for an older woman on Cougar Dating Sites:

Rule #1 – When Using Cougar Dating Sites, Get To Know Me First

Do not post pictures of yourself with a girl in them. If you don’t have a photo of just yourself, just take one! We all have cameras in our phones now, so there’s really no excuse.

Rule #2 – When Using Cougar Dating Sites, Do Not Send Pics Of Your Private Parts

Do not send me photos of your private parts. This is, simply put, a HUGE turn off.

Rule #3 – When Using Cougar Dating Sites, Do Not Use Sex As Your Opening Topic

Do not start out a conversation talking about sex. Yes, I think about sex a lot but let’s get to know each other first before you dive right in.

Rule #4 – When Using Cougar Dating Sites, Make Sure To Read My Profile First

Read my profile. Ask me questions. Get to know me.

Rule #5 – When Using Cougar Dating Sites, Know That I Will Not Contact You Outside Of The Site ’Til I Know More About You

Know that I joined online dating for a specific reason. I will not text you, or instant message you or even talk on the phone before I get to know you a bit first.

Rule #6 – When Using Cougar Dating Sites, Pick An Appropriate Username

Be sure that you do not come off as a creep or a stalker. Pick a username that is sexy, cute, or witty. Be friendly but not overly friendly. Don’t scare me away before we even have a chance to get to know each other.

Rule #7 – When Using Cougar Dating Sites, You Must Make The Effort

Put some effort into me. Ask me questions. Tell me about you. Show me that you are interested in who I am, what I do, and what I like.

>Rule #8 – When Using Cougar Dating Sites, Give Compliments

Compliment me. Tell me what it is that you like about me. What interests you about my profile. Why you picked me to contact.

Rule #9 – When Using Cougar Dating Sites, Be Sincere

Show me that you are sincere. Be honest and caring. Don’t just talk about yourself.

Rule #10 – When Using Cougar Dating Sites, Be Upfront And Straightforward

Tell me what it is that you are looking for right from the start. If we’re not looking for the same things, then we can both move on and we don’t have to waste each others time.

These are all simple and easy things to do when you’re looking for a date with a Cougar. Head over to <a href=””>this blog</a> to see some Myths that are out there. Let’s start off on the right foot so that this cougar can pounce on her cub!