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MILFtastic: A Scam Or A Legit Sex Site?

I’m not going to spend this whole review stringing you along and making you wait to hear the answer to the only question you really need to know: is MILFtastic legit or is MILFtastic a scam? The simple answer is this: MILFtastic is NOT a scam, MILFtasic is totally legit and has 100% real members. I know from personal experience.

There. Now if you wanted to stop reading this review right now, you totally could—you already know that MILFtastic is legit. But if you continue to read on I will tell you about the pros, cons (few and far between), and features, and offer you some tips and tricks that will make you extra successful on MILFtastic. This site works: that’s the bottom line. You don’t need to listen to me blather on until the conclusion of this article to find that out. MILFtastic is legit and amazing for finding MILFs and older women of all kinds, and once again: there is NO MILFtastic scam. makes it obvious from their site name that this is a place to find older women. However, being that we are a review site for finding cougars, we always have to make sure they offer a variety of older women and, of course, that they can come through on the promise that their site can help you to successfully have sex with these older women.

Don’t worry, I won’t make you wait for that answer either: Yes! Yes, has much more than just your average Mother I’d Like To F&%K. MILFtastic is a sex dating site where you can find cougars, sugar mamas, AND MILFs!! I hooked up with at least a few of each kind while testing out MILFtastic, so I can tell you it’s true from personal experience.

Getting on to the site is a cinch! All you need is a good username and your email address. They don’t ask you a million questions or tell you you have to set up a profile first (I highly recommend doing so, but you’re welcome to check out the site and the local women first before tending to your profile)—you can get started right away! - Not a Scam!

MILFtastic: Does It Work?

I’ve already told you that MILFtastic is legit and has 100% real members, but here I will provide you with my exact personal results while using MILFtastic.

I used for 60 days and these are my results:

  • I wrote and sent 180 messages (about 3 per day, but I sent a lot more in the beginning to start off and then much less as the months went on)
  • Of those messages sent, I received 119 replies (if you’ve never been on any site like this before, that number is way above average)
  • I also received 66 messages from women I had not contacted first (over 1 per day!)
  • Of all the conversations I had with women on MILFtastic:
    • approx. 120 resulted in me being sent sexy, uncensored, personal photos
    • approx. 70 resulted in steamy video chats where the women performed sexual acts for me
    • approx. 60 resulted in a request to meet for sex (that’s 1 per day!)
  • I met up with 56 older women (almost one per day—could have been more but I needed SOME breaks… I’m not a God!)
  • I had sex with 98% of the women I met (one sugar momma just strictly wanted to do foreplay and then buy me stuff, which was cool with me!)

As an extra note: of the women I hooked up with, I would consider 34 of them to be cougars, 18 of them to be MILFs (admitted they had children), and 4 of them to be sugar mamas (wanted to give me money and/or gifts). I obviously prefer the cougars more, so I went after them more actively, but there are THOUSANDS of MILFs and sugar mamas on!

Either way, these women are serious about finding sex. There is no MILFtastic scam at play, and no fake members trying to get your money or trying to get your personal information. It’s all just real local MILFs, cougars, and sugar mamas looking for sex and looking for someone like you to give it to them.

MILFtastic: How To Get Results Like I Did

I have three very simple, but very effective tips for you to be successful:

1. Take Some Time To Fill Out Your Profile

Seriously. So many guys just slap on a username and have no photo or information and expect women to swoon over their anonymity. No, that’s not how it works. Those are the kind of men who join and then yell “MILFtastic scam!” because they aren’t getting laid. Truth is, they just don’t know how to attract women to their profile. Take some time to fill out the information it asks for, and honestly! This will help the kind of women you’re looking for find you more easily. It will also ensure that you show up on searches for particular keywords and information, and that you get listed in women’s personal match recommendations. If you have nothing on your profile, MILFtastic doesn’t know anything about you, and can’t recommend you to anyone. This is the #1 tip I have for getting laid.

2. Use A Good Photo, and Save The Nudes For Messages

Notice that I said “use a GOOD photo” and I DID NOT say “use a photo of your junk”. Seriously. Don’t do it. Women aren’t like men—they don’t want that to be the first thing they see. Use a photo of your face. Don’t make it blurry! Don’t have anyone else in the photo! Have good lighting! Smile! You may mistakenly believe women want shirtlessness and nudity and a stoic face, but it’s just not true. There have been studies! Trust me—follow these tips and you will get WAY more responses from older women and end up with much more sex. Save the dick pics for your messages. Women will feel special and desired (which works in your favor) if you send it to them privately. They don’t need to know you’re sending it to tons of other women at the same time. But if it’s right out there on your profile, they know that every other woman on the site can see it. Make them ask for it—that’s the real trick. Tease them with a possibility of what they might receive if they’re good girls for you.

3. Learn How To Use The Site

MILFtastic has so many features to help you find older women and get laid. But you’ve got to explore the site and learn how to put those features to good use. Read on through the next section to learn about the features I’ve listed as major MILFtastic “pros”:

MILFtastic: Pros

Okay, first and foremost, the biggest pro of MILFtastic is that is is 100% legit and full of real older women members. But, we’ve already been through that several times, so let’s move on:

There are a TON of useful features on that I haven’t found on other sites we have reviewed. One, not only does MILFtastic have legit instant messaging capabilities, but you can also have video chats! I had a lot of fun using this feature for women who were a little too far away, or too shy to meet in person right away. You can flirt and tease and get each other hot. You can perform for her, or she can perform for you, or both! It’s hot no matter what. Two, MILFtastic also has a totally legit advanced search that allows you to find super specific older women in your area. I was pretty happy hooking up with all kinds of women, but I did use the search a few times and it was amazing. You can look for women of any age, ethnicity, height, weight, body type, hair color, eye color, religion, education, background, smoker/non-smoker, drinker/non-drinker… the list goes on and on! You can literally find the perfect MILF, cougar, or sugar momma to have sex with in minutes!

MILFtastic legit

MILFtastic: Cons

Honestly, I wouldn’t even have included this section if I didn’t already decide I was going to do it for every site we reviewed on But anyway, since we’re here, I guess I can try to think of a thing or two they could improve upon.

I guess I would say that there are some ads that can get annoying? I mean, they’re all related and make sense, but sometimes you’re trying to discretely look at the site at work and a flashing ad with bright colors and big boobs will be right there on the side and you have to look around quickly to make sure no one saw it. It could be worse though—it could make noise!

Some guys out there may be upset that the site is not completely free, and may say that it should be considered a con. However, I really don’t think it is, and I’ll tell you why: most adult dating sites out there that are free are full of fake members and unappealing members, and have scams waiting around every corner. When the site gets paid, it means they have the money to keep MILFtastic legit and free of scams. As well, women can join MILFtastic for free! And do you know how that helps you as a man? It means that MILFtastic is FULL of sexy, amazing older women but has way less men to compete with than a free site, which means you get more women and more sex!

All in all, I would say MILFtastic is virtually con-free!

Conclusion: Is MILFtastic Legit? Is There A MILFtastic Scam? Should You Use MILFtastic To Find Sex With An Older Woman?

As I’ve said several times in this review: MILFtastic is a 100% legit adult dating site. There was not a single moment when I was on MILFtastic that I encountered a scam. MILFtastic never asked me for more personal information than was needed, they never sent me spam mail, and I never had members asking me to send them money or third-party scams like that that you find on other sex dating sites. I didn’t even run into any fake members, which is amazing because almost every adult dating site out there has fake members. It’s no fault of the sites—it’s just a thing that kind of can’t be helped most of the time—but somehow MILFtastic was able to avoid it all together! It’s amazing! Everyone I met on MILFtastic was totally 100% real. I ended up hooking up with most of the women I talked to that were close by, and had amazing video chats with women who were further away and I was tell you for certain: they are real, they are awesome, and they are HORNY!

Why are you even still reading this review?? Go join MILFtastic right now and find a MILF, a cougar, or a sugar momma TONIGHT!