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Cougar Dating Reviewer gets down and dirty to review “The #1 Cougar Sex Site” – find out if is the best place to find sex with older women! You might have been looking for a while to connect with sexy, older women or maybe you’re an older woman looking to hook up with young men. It can be tough online to find the right site when so many are scams and so many yield very little results. Where to start? is a pretty good place, in my humble opinion.

In terms of simplicity, rates highly and favorably. There were no hiccups or confusing things. I didn’t have to fill out any lengthy questionnaires or quizzes. Make no mistake, you can cater your search and browse results to find exactly what you want, you just don’t have to take a month off work to do it. With “58 million members and counting” I had to wonder, how many cougars could there possibly be on one sex and dating site? Keep reading to find out about my successes and failures on SEXSEARCH.COM.

SexSearch Cougar Dating Online

My Results Using to Find Hot Cougar Sex

I began my quest to find sex with older women (as in 40s to 60s) with very low expectations. I know there are lots of horny, old broads out there, but I had my doubts that they were bothered to join a sex dating site. Do they even want to get laid? Would they give a guy in my age group (30s) a one night stand, or are they just looking for husbands? I was shocked to discover there are lots of local lusty ladies looking for sex. The more I browsed and messaged with women in my area, claims that Sex Search is the “world’s largest adult dating site” seemed like they might actually be true. After a couple of days of orientating myself with the site and the members I decided to embark on my first SEXSEARCH date.

Check out my results and find out whether this is what you’re looking for, too:

Results Using To Find Cougars In 28 Days… – I sent 40 unsolicited messages to horny cougars in my area – I hit a 100% response rate, which is practically unheard of! – I met up with EVERY SINGLE WOMAN that I messaged – I received 79 unsolicited messages from horny cougars in my city!!! – I got laid on over 75% of my dates and the only reason it wasn’t higher was because I was doubling up – and lunch hookups were slightly more awkward than my night ones.

Think you can beat my record? Sign up now at: Sex Search.

My Tips For Getting Laid By Cougars On SexSearch

According to SEXSEARCH.COM, “one in four sexual encounters started online in North America.” Based on the research I’ve done over the years, I’d say it’s actually more like half of sexual encounters. I rarely meet women at the bar and hook up. It’s a long game meeting someone out socially, you have to dance around running into them again, or you meet someone drunk at the bar – and the sex is bad. Using dating and hookup sites ensures that you know what you’re getting into and you can control the situation.

Follow these easy tips to ensure you get a higher rate of sex on

1. Hook up at night: Based on my sex results, I had a much higher rate of getting sex or oral sex on my night dates. This is because you often won’t drink or you have other obligations you have to go back to in the day. If you’re meeting up with a cougar for the first time, try setting a time that’s later in the evening and double your chances of having sex. If you meet up in the day after you’ve had sex – that’s perfectly fine, because it’s already been established you’re sexually interested.

2. The more you’re online, the more cougars you catch: I noticed on the days and nights I was online more, I got a lot more unsolicited messages and responses. I realized that I was featured at the top of the search list when I had been online more often, so even if you’re not actively messaging cougars and chatting all day, if you check in multiple times during the day you can sway the odds in your favor.

3. Message cougars you wouldn’t normally hit on: A trend I noticed after a couple of weeks on was that many of the cougars had sparse profiles. I’m not sure if it’s an age thing, or they’re trying to keep it discreet online in case someone they know sees them, but many of the women that I would rate a 6 online, turned out to be closer to 8’s in person. I highly recommend giving a shot to women you might be on the fence about, or only somewhat attracted to. I was pleasantly shocked multiple times, and had some of the best sex OF MY LIFE with women I had originally ranked as “unscrewable” based on their profiles.

4. Make an enticing profile with minimal effort: You don’t need to put in a ton of time or effort to make an appealing profile. Fill out the basics like age, location, and upload a couple of photos. Consider what kind of flattering photos you’d post on social media, and post that kind. You can send more “personal” photos once you start chatting. If you’re interested in meeting cougars, then put it in your profile. What do you offer? Write one or two sentences about your strengths. Be light, inviting, fun. Avoid negativity.

Keep reading the rest of the review, or check out Sexsearch now and make up your mind for yourself! There are plenty of cougars waiting.

Top Features On For Cougar Hunting

While a sex dating site is only as good as its members, it’s also only as fun as its features. Here are my favorite features on

1. Awesome and simple chat and video profile features: Sometimes it takes a lot of fiddling around to find a dating site’s features, and often times they don’t even work. Fortunately, SEX SEARCH’s features all worked for me, on my laptop, home computer, and mobile device. I was able to instant message my favorite cougars, engage in video chat – for a little sexy visual and aural stimulation.

2. Fully functional mobile site: Whether you’re just checking your instant messages or you’re trying out your GPS sex-locator function, the site and app are easy to use and very useful. I used it between dates to connect with women I had been messaging with. If they popped up as “nearby” then it was a cinch to meet up with them and cross another one off the list. Loads of fun, especially if you’re out with friends – you can look like a total stud by having a spontaneous booty call message you if the bar you’re at is a dud.

3. In-site photo swapping: Unlike most other dating sites where you’re limited to text-chatting, in you can swap photos without the hassle of swapping emails for phone numbers. They place no restrictions on content – meaning you can swap photos that are as xxx-rated as you want. This is a great feature – trust me, worth the price of admission alone. Scroll through them on your phone or keep it on lock down no your private computer.

4. Save members so you don’t lose track of the women you like: It’s easy to keep track of multiple women by ‘favoriting’ or saving them. You don’t have to worry about letting any sexy cougars slip through the cracks. You can also block women that you don’t want to contact anymore, and refine your searches so that you only see the members close to you that you match up with.

Stuff That Could’ve Been Better On

For all of the positives that had, any negatives didn’t stand out. It would be cool if there was a specific “Cougar Lounge,” but you can technically find all of the cougars you’re looking for by searching by age range or typing a keyword into the search field like: cougar, mild, horny housewife, cheating housewife, adult fun.

My Final Thoughts On

SEXSEARCH.COM is a great place to meet cougars and older women for sex, hookups, and casual dating. In fact, thinks it might be one of the best dating sites to find mature women. If you’re itching to hook up with a sexy older lady, or just local women in general – is a great place to meet them and get laid. I highly recommend using this adult dating site to find people to hook up with. Why not try it out and see how it goes? There’s plenty of cougars in your neighborhood online.