Find Cougars On XPress In An Instant – It’s Legit!

Find Cougars On XPress In An Instant – It’s Legit!

Joining Is Like Winning The Cougar Lottery!

Everyone knows when you’re looking for a specific type of hookup, you’ve got to look online! I heard about the successes others had with xpress, and knew I had to test how it stacked up when looking for cougars!

Xpress Cougar Dating Online


The land of adult dating can be a wild one, and in the hunt for cougars, one has to take particular care. is not a site dedicated to cougar search, but that does not mean it should be discounted, as it is one of the top casual sex sites around! Knowing that it’s one of the major players, I had an idea of what might be in store.

When you first hit up, you’re taken to a homepage which is very high end looking, as far as hookup sites go. There are really nice, high res pictures which give you an idea of what you’re in for behind the member’s only walls. But fear not, it’s not one of those places that will distract you with pretty pictures while there’s shady stuff going on behind closed doors. is as legit as they come! You don’t have to worry about anything here, because it’s so far from being a scam site it’s crazy!

I identified that I was a man looking for woman, and registering a username was easy. I didn’t have to bust out my credit card to join. I answered a quick (but thorough) series of questions pertaining to my status, as well as what I was looking for (I was able to select “cougar” here! Awesome!) and after a mandatory profile picture upload (so you know everyone here is legit!), I was ready to search for my queen.

The xpress search left nothing out. I could choose to search based on all different kinds of criteria, from physical attributes to favourite sexual position. I naturally selected that I was looking for a cougar, and in an instant I was presented with a variety of previews – all featuring stunning, sexy cougars! Just a click of a link away and I was able to contact the babes I was most interested in (ahem, can you say ALL of them?!) to start chatting online. has a HUGE number of members (up over 62 300 000 and growing each minute), so if you’re like me and you’re looking for cougars or any other type of particular hookup, this is the site to do it on! I hooked up with the very first coug I ever messaged on xpress, and each and every one since! There is certainly no shortage of amazingly attractive singles, couples and married folk looking for a good time, making xpress one of my top casual sex websites of all time!


On top of the usual profile and messaging features, utilizes your location and your desires to find the best match possible for you personally. This means you’re not looking at randomly generated search results, but rather that each and every one of the babes you check out after an advanced search will have what you want!

I was utterly floored by just how many smoking hot cougars were living, and active, in my area! It took xpress to find them, but seriously, I couldn’t have done it without them. Factoring in the time alone, compounded by the fact that I have NO IDEA where to go to pick up older babes, it’s just logical.

Upgrade your membership to utilize all the awesome features, including something I’ve never seen on any adult dating site before, a video profile! These video profiles really helped me be the best kind of picky when I was selecting which women to message. Sometimes, although it sounds terrible to say, young girls can look much older in their photographs. Seeing them on camera talking about themselves can out the youngins and expose the beautiful, majestic cougars in all their glory. Essentially, what I’m saying, is that video profiles and video chat on xpress will help you to find the best match for a hookup.

VIP GOLD members enjoy the all-you-can-watch tube site, as well as the option to feature your profile (for more traffic), more messages and extended profile features. You can even add your favorite matches to a list so you see their updates first, before everyone else’s!

The best feature of xpress HAS to be the search function. Being able to select one box and then see nothing but cougars is probably the greatest achievement of the human race.

Take xpress on the go and download the mobile app, for iPhone and android. Don’t even worry about missing an IM or a message, or a super sexy update from a mature lady, because xpress has got your back! All notifications push to your phone, and there’s even a way to make them discreet!


So, how much is a legit, top, full featured sex site going to cost you? NOTHING. Well, not if you want to stick with the free membership, anyway.

Considering all of the extras, the subscription rates for are surprisingly low! Check out how the money breakdown works, below:

Free Registration – includes profile and some messaging capacity

Silver Membership – includes all the perks of the free membership with increased instant and email messaging capacity, as well as access to message boards, articles and chat rooms. 3 Day Trial – $1.95/day 1 Month – $29.95/month 3 Month – $19.98/month

Gold Membership – includes no holds barred access to the entire site and database. Communicate easily with chicks from all over the world using instant messaging, email, chat rooms or video chat. Enjoy their sister porn site and watch unlimited videos there, included in your subscription! 3 Day Trial – $1.95/day 1 month – $34.95/month 3 month – $23.32/month 1 year – $12.95/month

Prices dip a whole bunch when you sign up for a longer term. After one week online and, if your like me, 11 different raunchy hookups with local cougars, you’ll want to stay here for lots of years to come.


Not enough cougars! This wasn’t an actual problem with the site, more a problem in life. Can there really ever be enough cougars?! 😉

Legitimately, this site is tops. Aside from one technical difficulty, which their constant customer care team rectified for me in record time, there is not a single bad word I can say about this place.

You might have heard somewhere that it’s a scam, but it ain’t. Trust me and 62 300 000 other members when we tell you that is legit. Even the ads, which I usually find intrusive, were personalized for me (so I saw cougar ads!), and was not bothered at all by their existence or their content.

How Does It Measure Up

I have used plenty of adult dating sites in my time (which is how I know when something is fishy, and let me tell you, I’ve never been more sure about anything than I am about xpress NOT being a scam!). I’ve even used cougar hookup sites designed specifically to connect young guys like me with hot mature women that want it bad. None of those sites even compare to the wild success and great time I’ve had while using I was a little bit concerned when I read a couple of reviews shouting “SCAM”, but it lacks any of the very obvious signs of scam dating sites, and believe you me, I’ve definitely seen my fair share. I went on real dates with real cougars. Planning the hookups was quick and easy, almost like pointing and clicking to order takeout online for dinner. Except it’s not dinner. It’s hookups. Hookups with the most incredibly sexy local cougars I’ve ever banged.

I had some interesting and eye-opening bedroom experiences through, so I should thank them for broadening my horizons. And for their easy to use website. And for attracting so many gorgeous singles to one place, all with one thing in mind: getting laid! To find the sexiest cougars for casual sex hookups, you’ve gotta head online to! Search for stunning singles quickly and easily to GET LUCKY!